My passion is to help you create
a life overflowing with

Joy, Passion,
Love, Purpose,
Success, Abundance,
Personal Empowerment,
Peace, Health,
and Spiritual Connection.

Jody Howard, author of A Soul's Guide to Abundance, Health and Happiness has a unique gift for delivering messages, visions and prophecies from Spirit.  Although she will say, "There's nothing special about it because everyone has the ability to hear divine guidance", Ms. Howard channels amazingly specific and detailed information that dramatically improves the quality of life for others. 

Fifteen years ago, she realized her purpose was to use the gift of channeling divine energy and wisdom to heal and guide others.  This gift wasn't something she was searching for, rather it found her.   According to Ms. Howard, "Your gift and purpose often sneak up behind you.  No matter how crazy it may seem, or how much you want it to go away, the longer you resist, the more challenges you'll face.  Once you surrender, and acknowledge it as your Gift your whole life changes for the better.  Doors begin to open and amazing things happen that bring you joy, love, peace, abundance and passion".  

Jody's psychic gift first showed itself one Easter morning as she was writing an email to a new employee.  While typing, she felt a powerful energy fill her body.  She says, "It was almost hard to breathe because the energy was so intense".  Her fingers started typing faster and faster, and she had no control over them.  Consumed with this energy running through her body, she sat  almost paralyzed in disbelief.  Eventually her fingers stopped and the energy subsided.  When she looked back at the text, it was a message from her employee's deceased husband. He was explaining how he was murdered.  Ms. Howard was shook up about this event but quickly realized it was a gift when she passed the message on to the employee.  The employee felt so much relief and gratitude for 'finally hearing what she had been searching years to find out".  

In her earlier years Jody Howard had many emotional, mental and physical challenges.   Ms. Howard says, "I don't look back and see myself as the victim, I see those years as the most incredible experience and training for my life purpose.  How can I be compassionate and understanding for others going through similar things if I have no idea what it feels like?"

Jody has been a nationwide speaker on the topics of spirituality, developing your psychic abilities, meditation, emotional and mental health, and self empowerment for over ten years.  She remains dedicated to helping others improve their life.  She has helped hundreds of clients and would be delighted to help you too.