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Are You a Lightworker?

So many of us want to call ourselves Lightworkers, yet the most important aspect of Being such is in the ability to listen to our Soul, to resonate with it, to shine our radiance outward from within without debris from our human aspect in the way.   Our Truth exists only within our Soul yet our outer form can create deceptions, distortions, and non-truths.  Within our Soul resides the meaning and purpose of our existence in human form.  Our Truth is not in our personality.  It is not in our human perception of reality.  It is not in our ego mind.

We cannot be a Lightworker for others until we can fully stand in Light with our Self.   Fully stand, free of all the debris that stains and discolors our Light within.  Until this debris is cleansed it is difficult to know the Truth of our Soul because the debris distorts that Truth.

When you can listen and act upon the callings deep within your Being, within your Soul, then you can call yourself a Lightworker.  But let it be known, this is not a label that you place upon your self as a signpost to others declaring you are greater than, or more filled with Light.  It simply means you are willing to listen to and follow the desires of your Soul over all else, no matter what the consequence. 

When we pass from this lifetime and leave this body we will not know blame, sadness, pain and suffering.  These human experiences will be our gifts to take throughout the journey of our Soul’s continued evolvement.  We will feel love and gratitude for all the experiences that brought us challenge within this lifetime, for we will understand that it was exactly as we planned it for our Soul’s growth and evolvement.  We will understand that our dearest soulmates were contracted by US to help with our evolvement.  Some of those contracts may have seemed ruthless and cruel during our human experience, yet we will feel much gratitude toward those loved ones for fulfilling the contracts we chose.

Those of you who know me well, know that I have always made it my highest priority to follow the callings of my Soul and Spirit Guides.  Although I feel a sense of sadness for those that are stretched and challenged by my actions, I cannot feel responsible for their reactions.  If we fall into this trap, we limit our ability to move forward spiritually.  We create reasons why we should listen to our mind instead of our Soul.  These challenges present themselves as a test of our ability to stand in the Light, to listen to our Soul over our ego mind and to become true Lightworkers.

Psychic Jody Howard, Psychic, Psychic Readings