Your Mental Health

Disconnect from body, mind and matter...  
connect to the universe and all its wisdom 
Have you ever taken time to think about your thoughts
We all have a mind that hold thought constantly. 
What we need to do is make sure our thoughts are
working for us and not against us. 
This means we may have to change the way in which we think.

Positive Thoughts and Affirmations

First, know that you choose every thought your mind has.  You are in complete control of what thoughts you decide to hold.  Secondly, every thought you have creates a mental reality for you.   You believe your thoughts to be true, therefore they become your truth or reality.  When you piece together all of your mental realities they create your life and your future.  If you're not happy with your life, you need to change your thoughts.  Remember, you make the choice because you create your own thoughts.  You control your mind.  Your mind does not control you.  Be the creator of only good, positive thoughts.  Begin to pay attention to the thoughts you hold.  As soon as you notice negative thoughts bouncing around, stop them and replace them with positive thoughts.  It's that simple, yet you will be surprised at how many negative thoughts you create all day long.  For example, take a minute to answer the following questions.

1.  What do you think about your job/career?
2.  Explain your relationship with your spouse or partner.
3.  How do you feel about your body when you look in the mirror?
4.  How do you feel about your parents.
5.  What is your financial situation right now?

Chances are, some or most of your answers were negative.  You can not continue to allow negative thoughts to control your life.  Your thought have tremendous power over you and others.  They create realities for ourselves and others.  Start creating the reality you deserve and desire today by holding only positive thoughts.


Meditation is an excellent way to nourish your mental health.  It quiets the mental chatter of your mind and connects to the infinite wisdom of the universe and your true self.  If I had to describe meditation in just one word it would be 'bliss'.  Depending on your individual needs at the time, meditation can be useful for many different things, such as:

1.  It creates a time and place for you to shut off the mental chatter
of your mind and practice just 'being' without thought.
2.  It reduces stress, anxiety and completely calms and relaxes you.
3.  It helps you center and balance yourself.
4.  It opens you up to hearing guidance from the spirit world.
5.  It open you up to hearing the voice of your soul.
6.  It allows you to hear the answers to your prayers and questions.
7.  It energizes you and recharges you with universal energy.
8.  It allows your soul time to 'go out and play'.
9.  It puts you in the present moment.

Staying in the Present Moment

The quality of your entire existence is also affected and determined by your ability to be in the present moment.  The mind spends most of it's time in the past or future, yet the present moment is where you always are.  Very seldom do you allow yourself to enjoy the here and now.  The present moment is your true connection to life and to your higher self.  It is the place to stay in order to enjoy each glorious moment of your life.

The past is over.  The future is not here yet.  The NOW is where you always are.  The present moment is your life.  Your reality exists only in the now. 

When your mind is filled with thoughts of past events it identifies you and your current life with that time period.  This robs you of living in the true time period of the now.  Past events create an illusion based on prior experience and their consequences.

When your mind is filled with thoughts of the future,
your life seems like a reward system. 
If you get this done, you will achieve that. 
Staying in the moment removes the burden
of your daily chores and responsibilities. 
With these burdens lifted off your shoulders you
have a sense of lightness, peace, and ease
in everything you do.  It eliminates feelings of
struggling, juggling and fighting to get everything done. 
Your mind creates those feelings when it lives
through the past and the future. 

When you live in the now, you enjoy every moment no matter what you are doing.  You do not base every moment on the outcome or end result.  The end result will still happen even if you stop dwelling on it, but you will enjoy each step of the way.

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