Message from the Angels

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Dearest Ones, it is our greatest desire that you discover the truth of who you are. 
You are an Infinite Being, a wise soul, and you have a specific reason for being in human form at this time.  If you could see yourself as we do, you would know the great soul you are and why you have decided to come to Earth at this time. 

We understand how difficult and challenging life can feel.  We see your sorrows, your heartache and your struggles.   Please remember that we are with you at all times, even though you cannot see us.  There is no space and time between us.  If you talk to us we hear you.  If you ask for our assistance, we are honored and delighted to give it to you.   We will answer you in a variety of creative ways.  Sometimes we will send you messages through music or signs.  Other times we will send messages to you through other people or animals.  Often you are hearing us, but our voice sounds much like your own inner voice so it is difficult to discern whether it’s your own thoughts and ideas, or ours.   You have the ability to hear us and know it is us.   Psychic abilities are not a gift for a select few, they are a God given gift for everyone!   It just requires your awareness and practice to become fluent with these gifts.  When we give you a message it will feel light, joyful and exciting deep within you.  If you are listening to the chatter of your mind it often feels heavy, negative or more fearful.  We talk to you all day, every day.  You’ve been hearing us all your life.  Now it is time to realize it’s us.

True peace and joy comes only from remembering your true self.   Your truth is your soul.  The body you are living through at this time is temporary.  Consider your body as the vehicle for your soul to experience life as a human being.  Your soul is huge, the size of the universe.  Your soul has no limits, no judgment, and knows only unconditional love.  Your soul is one with God.

It is the human mind and emotions that create limiting beliefs, judgment of others, lack of self love, lack of forgiveness, fear, conditions to the love you give and receive from others, and anything that is not of joy, peace and abundance.

Ask us for help.  We cannot help you if you do not ask.  This is because we cannot interfere with your right to free choice.    You have a specific reason and purpose for this lifetime.  You are very special.  All the struggle and lack you experience in your life is not necessary.  It is not your truth.  It’s just how your mind has decided it should be.  Your mind is controlling your life instead of your heart and soul.  Let us help you rise above that limiting mind and find the life of fulfillment, joy, love and abundance you desire so much.

We love you.