This year is going to be miraculous for some people, and the biggest challenge to others, depending on how we look at life and where we are in our personal evolution.  It will be easy to spot the differences too, almost entertaining, because some will feel this is the best year of their life with everything flowing smoothly and abundance coming more and more.  Others will feel like they are beating their heads against a brick wall and nothing will be going their way, with abundance only a dream and the 'easy road' nowhere in sight.

The major key in business matters is integrity.  Those business owners working with integrity will find their business booming and enjoyable.  Those who are greedy and living in fear of lack will experience that in their business.   This will affect small businesses as well as major corporations.  There will be an increase in corporate mergers, buy outs and closures this year.

For many people it is a time to shift gears and go into an entirely different line of work (service).  People who find themselves jobless are the ones asked to make that shift.   No longer are we qualified for a specific job by credentials and education alone.  Now we will be asked to begin choosing jobs that bring us the most joy and stir the deepest passion within us.  This is how we align with our soul's greatest intent, moving and flowing with our joy and passion, regardless of how 'off track' it may seem to our ego mind.  This will not be an easy task for those who have worked in a specific field for years and who consider themselves 'most qualified' for that type of work.  The qualifications these people use are simply 'labels' they have chosen because of the amount of time, money or education they invested in 'becoming' that person.  It's time to take all the labels off and listen to our heart and soul in order to move forward with abundance and joy.   Be open to new opportunities.  Do not judge them as you have seen them in the past.  For instance, if your passion lies in being an artist, don't let the old beliefs like 'starving artists', or 'you can't make good money doing that' come into your mind.  There are no limits when you are acting in alignment with your soul's greatest desire.  In fact, that is where you find the perfect job, the job that doesn't even feel like work, with the ideal schedule and a huge amount of income. 

All of this is helping to point us in the proper direction, pointing us toward understanding that we are here to assist and to be of service, not to be obsessed with our self and our old, worn out stories.   When we are living in a space of joy, unconditional love blooms.  When we are joyful and have unconditional love for ourself, others and life, we automatically begin to look outside ourself for ways of assisting others to that space.  Although this will be a challenge for many people,  it will bring us closer to understanding who we are and how we manifest and create in harmony with our truth and oneness. 

Manifesting will become easier and more spontaneous for those who actively work on releasing limited beliefs, old patterns and judgments.  Those three things are the major obstacles  to living in paradise on earth.  As easy as it sounds, this could take even the most diligent and aware, years to achieve.  The patterns we are breaking have been engrained in our psyche for thousands of years.  Some of those beliefs and patterns have strong and deep attachments that we made vows to hold.   The best way to release those patterns and beliefs are to become aware of each and every time you hold one, or one holds you back.  It's more a matter of retraining you ego mind to work in harmony with your heart and soul.   For so long your mind has been the naysayer, the fear holder, the overly cautious controller of your life.  It does this by reminding you of the beliefs and patterns of your past.  Have you ever noticed how your mind will not give up talking you out of something until you refuse to listen?   That is because we have repeatedly listened to our mind over our heart and soul.  We have chosen fear and caution over following our joy and passion.  Give you ego mind a break.  Stop listening to it.  Instead, listen to your heart and soul, your greatest joys and passions.  This is your truth now.  This is how you break all those limiting beliefs and patterns.

So, as healers and Lightworkers assisting others, we are now moving away from releasing at the energetic and cellular memory level for others.  Now we are to begin working within ourself, becoming aware of all the mental and emotional patterns, beliefs and judgments running under the radar, within our own mind.   They are running constantly and without our knowing, all day long.  Each time we shift and heal an aspect of ourself we assist others, who are willing, to release that in within themselves.  This is how we heal others, by healing our self.   Our self healing is also healing the consciousness, which is helping all others to choose the same for themselves.  This is the role of the new world leaders, to work with the consciousness.   It may seem as though there is something bigger and better we can be doing, something that would be more noticeable or appreciated by others.   Remember the work of an Angel is often unseen.  It is time to put your wings on and become that Angel now. 

It will be interesting to see how the healers handle this.  They too will have to let go of their 'power to heal others' by putting their hands on them and charging for sessions.  They will have to learn a new method of healing, in which they teach others to heal themselves at the mental and emotional level.  The healers of old will become teachers at this time.  They will still be able to support and assist with energetic shifts in others, but they will not be able to do it for them.  There is no other way to move forward with our evolution.  We must learn to be our own best healer, and much of this begins with releasing the limiting beliefs and patterns our mind keeps bringing up for us.  We must play an active role in our own healing.  If you are a healer, please consider a new way of assisting others to heal themselves in this way.

Fear will rise for those who love that story, and love the drama.  It will consume many people.  There will be more and more circumstances offering higher and higher levels of fear to those who still hold on to it.  This is not intended to punish them or create hell on earth for them, rather it is intended to help them choose a different way.  Some people need to stand on the edge of the cliff before they are willing to make changes and surrender to God and a better way. Natural disasters are really just Mother Earth's way of assisting with the shift and healing the consciousness.  There is nothing wrong with Mother Earth.   The 'wrongs' are found within the consciousness that surrounds her, not within her.  She is perfectly fine and in her own way, she is helping to stir up 'stuff' (natural disasters) to help us make this great shift in consciousness. 

For those who see life as a mini-vacation in which we agreed to come here to assist with releasing fears and limitations so we can shift the consciousness, it will feel more and more like we are watching a cartoon or some fictitious drama movie on TV.  We will see it but will not resonate with it.  We will feel compassion for those choosing to make it their reality but we will also know that it is all about choice.  Their reality may have been chosen to help push others to the edge.  Each of us already knows at the soul level what capacity we decided upon for this life.  Not all of us are here to 'get it'.  Some of us volunteered to endure great struggle and hardship as a way to assist others to the edge of their fears.  

The hardest part will be watching our loved ones struggle.  We need to remind ourself  that everything showing up as human, is not reality but a great soul acting his or her part in the biggest shift in consciousness, ever.

Our greatest job this year is learning to live in constant JOY.  Joy is our fuel and our protection.  Joy is our key to spontaneous manifestation and creation.  It sounds so simple, but working on that alone will illuminate all the fears, limited beliefs and judgments for us.   Those are what stand between drama, suffering and lack, and peace, abundance and happiness. 

Be in JOY my friend.  I will stand with you.  Let's watch the greatest show on earth.  That's why we came here.  The big event is now.  Choose joy over fear and all is well.