2014 Predictions

As always it is not in my path to make predictions about global disasters, collapses or the like.  My path has always been to work at the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level of all beings on this planet.  We can be surrounded by chaos, disasters and drama of all kinds and never be affected by it.  The most important part of our existence here on Earth is in understanding that we create our own reality.  While the chaos, drama and disasters will continue, we do not have to write that into our life story.  We can help others who are in the midst of it much more if we do not join them.  It does not need to affect us unless we choose that.  As enlightened Beings we are better serving the Divine by not choosing to experience that.  It’s similar to joining your friend who is depressed and unhappy by venting all the negative aspects of your life versus lifting them up with hope, kindness, inspiration and support.  The first way makes two miserable people.  The second makes two happy people.

In 2014 it will be much easier to trust change, and we will all be more excited and willing to give it a try. We will feel more adventurous, courageous and spontaneous.  Living a life with no joy just won’t work for us anymore.  Yippee!!   2014 will also be a year to fine tune all the shifts in awareness around money, health and relationships.  Here’s what the Angels have to say about those three areas.


We still have a lot to work on around money.  Everything in life revolves around relationship, and that includes money.  Our relationship to money determines how much or how little we have.

2013 was pushing us to move into a career that gave us joy and made us feel fulfilled.  If you have done that, bravo!!  If you haven’t yet made that shift you need to continue working on it.  It is the first step to financial abundance!  If you’ve made the shift and still don’t have enough money here are some things to consider.

First, be okay with the fact that money is an energy exchange on this planet.  We need it and that’s perfectly Divine and okay!   Money was part of the divine design around life on planet Earth, yet many people don’t have enough or want to have more of it.  Many people hate their job and the way they earn money.  They need a new job!  If you love your job and still aren't making enough money it may be that deep down you still believe it is not ‘right’ to ask for a financial energy exchange for something you truly love doing.  Lightworkers often struggle with this one because deep down they still believe money is an evil or greedy thing, and if they are doing 'light' work it should be free.  That is an old belief system.  It is not our truth when in the human body.  Unfortunately, that belief will strengthen during times of financial lack.  It is the trickiest to release because we absolutely hate to admit it is true and present within us. 

Another reason is because we may secretly still hold a belief that we are not ‘worthy’ of making lots of money.  Therefore by not asking for a money exchange or not asking enough for your services, it takes the pressure off of feeling worthy or good enough  (If it's free, I don't have to take responsibility for whether or not my work is good or effective).  The truth is our soul knows we are worth it!  The feeling of unworthiness comes from our mind. 

Our soul never chooses lack over abundance. 

Our soul gets so excited when we fully engage in every aspect of life. 

Having enough money to take vacations, buy things that bring us more joy, and never have to worry about finances is what our soul wants us to achieve.  When we are overflowing with money or anything else, we pour it out to others and give more.  That’s the fun stuff for our soul.  Living in joy and sharing it with others.  Hopefully you can feel that joy bubbling up inside your body just reading these words.   If it’s not bubbling up, this is an area to work on for sure. 

Another reason is because some people still believe it’s not possible to make money doing something we feel excited and passionate about.  We believe that income comes from working hard, putting up with long hours and stress, and we agree to join the majority of the planet in their resentment and dislike of our jobs.  As we learned in 2013, the secret to a fulfilling, and financially abundant career is doing something you feel passionate about and love doing.   If you move toward joy, the ecstatic life force energy builds within you.  When you are in this energy, abundance flows to you and everything that no longer serves you moves away.   If you think you have been moving toward joy and nothing is happening, it’s time to figure out what non-joyous thing you are still holding on to.  It’s a sure sign that there is something you are still afraid to let go of. 

Another belief is one that has been created in recent years.  The belief that as a Divine Being, money will flow to us even if we do nothing.  That if we post a few sticky notes around the house and dream of someone else giving it to us, money will automatically start showing up in our mailbox.  Don't feel bad if you're doing that.  I did it for awhile myself.   The truth is, our soul wants us to engage in life.  It constantly urges us to take steps toward earning money in order for it to flow.  Career is a delightfully fun aspect of life to the Angels and others in Spirit. 

Career is how our soul plays out our path and purpose.

Our path and purpose are supposed to generate income. 

That's an important cycle of life here on Earth.  Somehow career and job have become the most disliked part of life for many people.  That happens when we feel no purpose in our job other than making money.  It's time to search for joy and fulfillment, and make money doing it.


2014 is going to be amazing for relationships!!!!  New love for the single people and healthy, fulfilling relationships for everyone are a huge part of 2014. 

For those of you who have been single and looking for that special someone, this will be the year to find them.  For those of you needing to move away from a bad relationship, you will find extra courage and strength to do so this year.  For those already in a healthy relationship, this year’s energy will help you create an even deeper bond that takes you to a depth of unity in which your heart and soul will sing in pure and divine joy. 

Compatibility is the secret key in relationships now.    

With the 2013 message of ‘moving toward joy’, those still holding on to negative relationships are really beginning to understand the need to let go of their partner.  It’s been tough for many people because even though the relationship isn’t in the best interest of either person, love still exists between them.  Remember it is okay to love someone even if you are no longer compatible and can’t stay together.  The love is still there, and needs to stay there.  This is how we let go with grace and ease. 

In order to move toward joy and really get the abundance flowing in every area of our life, we must be willing to look closely at our romantic relationships.  When one piece of our life is out of the joy state, it affects all the other pieces as well.  This is especially true with our romantic relationships.  We naturally mesh energies and bond with our loved one.  When it is a healthy relationship, that is a beautiful thing and both people benefit greatly from it.  When there are a lot of incompatibilities and differences in beliefs, it can constantly contradict everything you are trying to manifest and create in your reality.  Shared energy means the other person’s beliefs, fears and negativities automatically merge to some degree with yours.  No matter how much you believe money flows freely to you, if your partner doesn’t believe that, it won’t work for you.  This has nothing to do with being so powerful you can control someone else’s life.  It happens because we choose the merging and we invite them and their energy into us.  We can put up huge blocks to keep out their negative beliefs and thoughts, but that only draws us further apart and eventually we do not feel close and connected to our partner anymore. 
While divorce and short-term relationships were on a rise for many, many years now, they will finally be slowing down.  This is because we are learning a new way to choose our romantic partners.  We will be placing the most importance on compatibility.  It’s the glue that holds relationships together.  We will still look for physical attraction, personality traits and the like, but the key is compatibility.  That is where we find the most joy in relationship.

If you have been looking for that special someone for years and still can’t find them, consider that you may be looking for the wrong characteristics.   Often we are drawn to people who are the opposite of us.  While it seems to be more fun for a while, the compatibility piece will become an issue before too long.  There are many, many souls that we can love here on Earth.  Take your time and find the one that is most compatible with you on every level, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. 

Once you find that compatible partner the final piece is 'commitment'.   So many people have issues around that word because they also have issues around the opposite of it… abandonment.  The Angels would like us to stop using the word commitment and start using the words Devoted and Unconditional Love.   That’s the soul’s definition of commitment.   That is the soul's energy.  When you find someone compatible, become devoted to loving them unconditionally.   Remember how good it feels when someone loves you unconditionally?  It’s easy to open your heart and surrender to those who love you unconditionally.  You feel safe.  This is what you want to give to your partner.  It's also what you need to look for when choosing a partner.  When both people give this, without doing it out of dependence, fear or ulterior motives, the relationship becomes strong and unbreakable.  It’s magical!!!  Becoming devoted to them means you agree to work through the rough spots together and you will never give up making it work. 

There’s a lot more to relationships because each person has their own set of circumstances.   These are the basics for 2014.  If you need to know more specifically how this applies to where you are, a session with Jody will give you that personalization.


The energy of 2014 will really open awareness of alternative and natural health care for more and more people.  This energy will assist us with creating a healthier life.  More people will search out new ways of health care and feel excited to try new things.

It is time to stop dieting for weight loss and start eating better to support and maintain your body.  As we all know, diets only work while you are on them.  Usually once the diet is over, we pig out on all the things we were denied.  Diets create cravings.  Diets feel like punishment and denial.  That makes us feel resentful so we end up ‘wanting’ what we can’t have more than ever before.  Usually we gain the weight back once we stop dieting.  This is because ‘diet’ means ‘temporary’ to our subconscious.  It means ‘Lose weight quick and pray it stays off’.  What we need to do is change our eating habits. 

The big insurance fears being brought up for everyone now is really a sign that we need to take better care of our bodies so they don’t break down to the point of needing lots of medical care.  We have the ability to keep our body a finely tuned machine that has the ability to heal itself.  The problem is, we would rather stuff it with chemicals and toxins because ‘they taste so good and we want them’. We pay a price for that.  Once we’ve overloaded our body with toxins and it starts to shut down we get sick.  Then we wish it was healthier and we wish we'd treated it better.  When we’re feeling good, we forget that. 

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be unsatisfying or horrible in any way.  We can still splurge and eat some yummy unhealthy stuff once in awhile.  It’s all about balance.  What you are doing to your body now, will be reflected five years from now.   How you look now, is a reflection of how you took care of yourself five years ago. 

2014 will bring us into more awareness of true Health Care… taking care of our body and paying attention to what we put in it.  For those mentally ready to shift their eating habits, 2014 will support that shift very well.  We will find healthy and natural food more delicious and our bodies will crave them.  Many of us will be drawn to detox and cleanse our body.  The Angels strongly suggest this for everyone!  We will want to clear out the trash and start fresh again once we start getting excited about taking better care of our bodies. 

Natural, herbal and homeopathic remedies will continue to increase in popularity.  More and more people (even some medical doctors) will begin to see how well it works.  Raising awareness of our ‘choices’ in medical care to include natural remedies will be bigger than ever before.  Those people who have an overinflated belief in the medical doctor will become tired of the rising costs, insurance issues, dependence on lifelong prescriptions and the truly temporary ‘fix’ those drugs give.  People will finally decide they don’t want to feel dependent on a drug or doctor for the rest of their life.  They will seek out alternative and natural remedies and find they provide long term and often complete cures.   People are getting tired of spending so much time and money on running tests and going to regular visits in order to get prescription refills.  Everyone will feel more empowered, healthier, vibrant and happy once they can take responsibility for good health into their own hands.   

In conclusion, continue to follow your Joy.   If any area of your life isn't working, look at ways in which you are blocking joy around it.  Go deeper into those subconscious limited beliefs for the answers.  Consider cleansing your body completely.  Your spiritual gifts open up you do.  Your immune system, brain, physical body, heart, liver and everything else work at their peak performance level. 

Remember that we (your Angels) are always by your side.  24/7   We are devoted to you and love you unconditionally.  Ask us for help.  Talk to us.  Even if you can't hear us, we hear you.  Give us time to help you manifest your dreams.  Act on those little intuitions and ideas that come up.  If they are not negative in nature, it's most likely us or your soul talking to you.  Trust us when we push you to become more, do more, and take risks.  If you want things to be different in any area of your life, you must be willing to make changes.  Change is good.  Do not fear change!