Psychic Readings


Healing Sessions

Choose what you want in your private session.

All Sessions are:

  •   Conducted over the phone
  •   Recorded for you

For Readings:  Make a list of questions you want to ask so you don't forget something.  Jody channels quickly so expect a lot of answers in one hour!!

For Healings: Make a list of all your symptoms, whether they are physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual.   During the healing, you will receive guidance on what created the symptom, how to keep it from coming back, and any other information to assist your body with total alignment, balance and integration. 

Session Rates

1 Hour Session$120.00

30 Minute Session $ 70.00

15 Minute Session       $ 40.00

Package Deals
Buy 2 One Hour Sessions    $210
($30 savings)

Buy 3 One Hour Sessions     $300
($60 savings)

Buy 4 One Hour Sessions    $400
($80 savings)

Packages must be purchased

in full prior to your 1st session.

To make an appointment
call 713-569-6756

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  • 100% Psychic Reading
  • 100% Healing Session
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