Your Spiritual Health

                       Listen to my soul rejoice,
                                                for deep within I hear it's voice.

Everything begins and ends with spirituality.  I'm not talking
about your religious preference, for that is entirely different from
your spirituality.  It doesn't matter what religion you choose to
follow, or if you even choose a religion.  What is important is
that you are connected to God spiritually and completely. 
Only then can you find the meaning of life and discover your
true self.  The spiritual side of you is the real you, your true self,
where you came from and where you are going.

As you connect with your spirituality, you will understand your true self and the person you are intended to be.  When you discover your true self beneath that shell of a body and mind, you will know complete and utter peace, understanding, fulfillment and joy.  No longer will you feel helpless, hopeless, depressed, stagnant, lonely or abandoned.  God is the essence of all that is and He is the life force within your soul.

How often do you find yourself worrying about all the things you need to get done and the little time you have to do them?  How often are you afraid that something is going to, or not going to happen?  How often do you dwell on problems you face and difficult situations you find yourself in?  These feelings enter into all of our lives.  Sometimes just the thought of one extra item on our 'to do' list can put us over the edge.  Our fears, worries and troubles consume a lot of our energy and thought.  Worrying about something can create hours of mental struggling, juggling and turmoil.  Fear causes us to feel unsafe, helpless, defenseless and powerless.  Aside from creating a great amount of negativity within us, it is also a waste of our time and energy to allow ourselves to react this way.

The truth is, God takes care of you all the time.  Everything you need is given to you.  You have nothing to fear, but fear itself.  I read a sign the other day that said, "If God is your co-pilot, switch seats".  We have to surrender everything to Him in order to have peace in our life.  Whenever I find myself obsessing over something that is doing me no good I ask God to take it from me.  I remind myself that God already has everything perfectly planned, in perfect order, and in perfect timing.  Allow yourself to release your own fears, anxieties, worries and troubles to Him.  Once you pass them on to God, you feel a great sense of relief and peace within yourself.  Let them go and truly trust in God to take care of you.  He does all the time anyway.

This is not to say you only need to surrender difficult situations or crisis to Him.  Let go of the feeling that you alone control your life.  The truth is, you do not.  God is in the driver's seat and He alone is in control.  Your mind cannot stop hashing through every detail of your life, which makes you feel as though you are alone and in total control.  When this happens you are being controlled by your mind.  Your mind is not real and it is not of the present moment.  That busy little brain of yours is constantly tossing around thoughts of the past and future.  These thoughts are what create your fears.  Stop letting your mind control your life and give the control to God.  He is an expert at protecting you, guiding you, supporting you, and knowing what is best for you.  When you can surrender everything to God it changes your entire life.

You have probably heard the phrase "Go with the flow".  There is a natural rhythm to the universe and to your life.  Surrendering to God allows you to connect to, and live through the natural rhythm of things.  Is it easier to swim upstream or downstream?  Of course, downstream is much easier because you barely have to swim to move with the natural flow of the water.  It is the same with your life.  Struggling and fighting with schedules, commitments and demands is much more difficult than trusting the natural flow and rhythm and gliding along effortlessly.  Why is it then that most people are fighting that rhythm?  It is because they believe they are in complete control of their lives and it becomes overwhelming, overbearing and at times, impossible.  Stop fighting the natural rhythm.

In conclusion, surrendering to God opens up the opportunity for miracles to happen.  Sometimes it is difficult to understand why things happen as they do, but you must trust that everything is perfect and happens for a reason.  Turn your steering wheel over to God so you can sit back and enjoy the scenery.
Psychic Jody Howard,  Psychic,  Psychic Readings