Your Emotional Health 

              Love yourself...
only then can you love others
Loving Yourself

Loving yourself is the first step to being emotionally healthy.  Loving yourself means that you approve of yourself and accept yourself exactly as you are.  We are emotional beings and we all need love.  Love is the essence of our soul and Creator.  As we get older we continue to look to others to fulfill that emotion, yet we can feel loved by simply loving ourselves.  If you love yourself totally and completely you will not need the love and approval of others.  You will never abandon yourself, and you will always be there for yourself.  Your emotional well being can remain healthy by holding unconditional, sincere love for yourself.

In the spirit world, free of the human body and mind, everything is perfect.  Existence of your soul flows naturally with the energy and rhythm of the universe.  There are no clocks to distract you from the natural rhythm.  There's no mental chatter pulling you into negativity.  Your soul feels only love, so you are not haunted with emotional baggage.  One of the most valuable tools for life on earth is remembering the perfection of our soul and our real home, the spirit world.  Imagining or visualizing that perfect state is a good start.  Since we all have a soul, and our soul knows this perfection, the knowledge is already within us.  It's a memory, not a new idea.  You just have to bring that memory into your conscious mind.


Gratitude is the best attitude.  It also maintains your emotional health.  When you are thankful for the gifts and blessings in your life, your heart opens and love pours out.  Keeping an open heart allows you to receive more gifts, love and blessings in return.  What you give you will receive ten fold, and so the cycle begins.  Gratitude is an emotion from the heart.  It's the ultimate expression of love.  You cannot be the essence of love without sharing the ultimate expression of love.  From the moment you wake up and start your day there are many reasons to be thankful.  Start acknowledging those things every day, all day.


Forgiveness is another emotion that begins in the heart.  Like gratitude, it is a reaction to an action.  When someone does something nice for us we thank them.  When someone hurts or angers us we can choose to forgive or be unforgiving.  When you are unforgiving it closed your heart and you cease to hold love.  Love is borne of forgiveness.  Hatred and anger are borne from being unforgiving.  When you can not forgive, you can not hold love in your heart.  Being unforgiving makes us feel powerful in that we control our love, or lack of love, as a response to other peoples behavior.  In truth, we are not here to judge and we certainly shouldn't push our love around like a power tool.  If someone does something that hurts you greatly, you need to forgive them as quickly as possible.  Forgiveness doesn't mean you accept their actions.  It means you forgive them for their actions.  There was a reason they reacted as they did.  Rather than keeping yourself from experiencing all the joys of love, by building hatred over their actions, let it go and forgive.  We are the ones who suffer most when we are unable to forgive.  It does us more damage than them.

Your emotional state affects your mental, physical and spiritual health.  Your physical body and mind are directly related to your emotions.  When we are emotionally healthy, our body and mind are healthy too.  When we are emotionally ill, our body and mind become ill.
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