Your Energy Body

~  Be your own energy Body Guard  ~
You are energy.  It is energy that sustains and maintains your entire existence.  Many people believe that life is given by our heart, lungs and other organs alone.  While our organs and physical body do keep us up and running, it is our energy body that gives life to them.  Our energy body sustains our physical body.  Energy is the common medium of your mind, emotions, body and soul. 

Our souls live eternally and continue to live even after we pass from this world.  What makes our soul live eternally?  Energy.  Our soul is energy, and that energy is the part of us that lives forever.  The physical body we are given in each lifetime is simply the shell for our energy body, or soul.  Since our true self is our soul, we must take care of its energy.  That means we must nourish and maintain our energy body in order to have a healthy life inside our physical body.   When a soul enters a human body it gives the body life.  When the soul leaves the human body it no longer has life.  Every living thing is sustained and given life by the energy of a soul. 

Since energy gives life to your entire existence, it is extremely important to maintain and balance it.  Unfortunately, most people aren’t even aware of their energy body.  They have no idea that it exists, much less an understanding of the relationship between their good health from a vibrant energy, or an illness from depletion in their energy.  If you don’t treat your energy body, you never really get to the core of the illness and therefore it may never be completely healed.  Drugs can suppress and treat the symptoms but you must address your illness at the energy level as well. 

When you maintain a healthy energy level, your body will be able to release anything negative that could create illness.   Clearing, releasing and increasing your energy also allows the body to constantly heal itself.  With regular maintenance, your energy body will naturally keep you mentally, spiritually, psychologically and physically healthy.  It’s that simple.  Sustaining a vibrant and flowing energy system is the key to a healthy life.

In addition, vitamins and minerals greatly enhance your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical performance as well as your energy level and overall well being.  Providing the body with sufficient amounts of each helps support all body functions.  When you maintain a nutritionally healthy physical body your energy body is also maintained because it has the support it needs to keep your energy level high.

Your body is a temple and your soul is the inner sanctuary.  Despite the fact that your true self is your soul, your soul dwells in the body you have.  An unhealthy body robs you of your energy and therefore affects your soul.  Your body can not be neglected because it houses and services your soul.  It also directly relates to your emotional, mental and physical well being.  Just as pollutants, chemicals, electromagnetic waves and negative people deplete your energy body, a lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet depletes your energy as well. 

Many times we create and manifest problems to allow ourselves to get sick or feel pain.  It is hard to believe that we would choose to make ourselves sick, isn’t it?  As miserable as illness and pain can be, it is a wonderful time for us to feel forced to pamper and care for ourselves at a much greater level than we normally do, or have time to do.  When you become sick or are in pain, you tend to take extra care of yourself.  You begin to rest more, stay home from work or other activities, and even receive extra sympathy and care from other people.  This feels good and cozy to us and can actually help the healing process.  What we need to do is maintain that good, cozy feeling within ourselves all of the time so we don’t have to come up with an excuse like illness to get it.  We all need a little extra attention and pampering at times, and that’s okay as long as we don’t feel the need to have to make ourselves ill to get it.  When you feel pushed beyond your comfort zone, your body will do whatever it takes to allow yourself down time.

Energy Workers, Psychic Healers, and Alternative Health Care Providers can help you maintain a healthy energy level and are wonderful preventative maintenance.  Most of the time, people seek medical care after they already show symptoms of a problem with their health or body.  If you regularly use energy healers as maintenance check ups, they will be able to diagnose a potential problem before it manifests into something serious and often before symptoms occur.  This is because they address our health at not only the physical level but the mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well.  Since our illnesses and pain stem from a combination of these aspects of our self, it is important, and mandatory, that our health care also addresses each of these areas.  When a potential problem is diagnosed and treated, we eliminate the need to create illness, pain and serious health problems of any kind in order to deal with it physically.  
While Western medicine has its place in providing us with certain health and healing issues, their approach is often at a more suppressive or symptomatic relief level.  For instance, if you need open heart surgery in order to get well, it is still important to address the underlying cause of that illness after surgery in order to have complete healing at all levels.  Energy Workers address the underlying causes so that physical healing can be permanent and complete.  They can be used alone or in combination with Western medicine.  When you support, maintain and maximize your health at the spiritual, mental, emotional, and energetic level, the need for Western medicine diminishes.  Your body won't have to create illness, pain and disease as a result because you have diagnosed and treated yourself of the underlying cause.
Psychic Jody Howard, Psychic,  Psychic Readings