Here's what Jody Howard's clients have to say...
Healing Sessions

'Initially I had a healing session with Jody because I was severely depressed.  My depression was affecting my entire life and I was on a number of medications.  After just two sessions I was able to wean myself off the medication.  I still go for regular 'maintenance.'

'I was suffering from constant panic attacks.  I couldn't get on an airplane, stand on balconies or get in elevators.  After just two sessions with Jody my attacks were under control.  I found Jody to be a great healer, a wonderful mentor, and a compassionate spiritual advisor.  Now I feel confident that my panic attacks are history.'

'I was going through a difficult time in my life, losing my career, relationship and home.  Through healing sessions, I was able to glide easily through that difficult time and get new direction and purpose.  I still love getting guidance now to keep me on track, even though my life no longer has all the drama and trauma it did when I had my first session with Jody.'


Jody's classes are fun and exciting.  There's a lot of student participation and the time flies by.  I got a lot more than I expected out of the class.  Marilyn, CO

'The meditation class was awesome.  We learned several different ways to meditate and had plenty of time to practice each style.'   Dorothy, TX

'I've been to several of Jody's classes and loved them all.  I find myself on the edge of my seat the whole time.  I highly recommend any of her classes.  They work too!  Jody is an excellent speaker.'   Rhonda, AZ

'After Jody's class on Learn to Talk to Your Angels and Guides I was able to hear divine guidance.  Before I took the class I never would have believed I could.  She has a wonderful way of explaining everything and will spend one on one time with you if you need it.  She is a wonderful spiritual advisor, teacher, speaker and healer!'   Cynthia, CA

Psychic Readings

'I have to admit I was very skeptical about the whole thing before I had my first session.  It was totally amazing how accurate Jody's intuitive abilities are and how much personal growth and healing come from a session.'     Karen, TX

When Jody explains the divine guidance she is receiving, I can feel the Truth in each word.  Every time I have a session it motivates me and gives me direction.'    Laura, CA

'Although I came to Jody for answers to a specific issue in my life, there was so much more information in her session that I needed to hear.'   Margaret, TX

'Jody clearly channeled information from my deceased loved one.  Several times, the words she spoke were exactly as he would have said them.  I feel a tremendous relief in making contact with my loved one and knowing he's happy, safe and still with me all the time. Jody is an amazing psychic and medium! '   Carmen, MI
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